Moldy Dragons

Mufasa's Second Trial

You see a mass of people crowding in a circle and hear them shooting “help him, please anybody help, hes being crushed!” You rush over to see a man (Rozesh )underneath an overturned cart full of lumber. The towns people see your enormous size and start begging you to free the man. {Strength check of 15 to free the man} The man lays on the ground moaning and rocking back and forth, hes conscious but just barely.

Mufasa's Third Trial

You come across a crying child, hes rubbing his face and crying out for his parents. He eventually tells you his name is Tolar. He will ask you to help find his “lost” parents {if a perception roll is 14 or lower or an insight roll is 10 or lower. If the roll fails he will lead you to an out of the way cemetery. If the roll succeeds you see a Minotaur leading children}

Lavi's Second Trial

On your way to the pillar of smoke you notice Nenaias Adiirvan waving a broom around trying fruitlessly to beat back the group of looters pillaging his shop.
{See random potion list}

Lavi's First Trial

As you’re making your way towards the smoke you notice a nest laying at the base of a tree and as you look up you see a panicked hawk flying over the tree. {PC must roll a 8 or higher to know those are hawk eggs and the the hawks actions are tell tale of a panicked mother} {If player chooses to put the eggs back…} the hawk will start to attack the eggs.

Lavi's Third Trial

As you’re running through the town making your way through towards the smoke a particularly old and panicked voice stands out against the shouting. You find the source of the cries and find an old lady standing out side of a burning house begging everyone who passes by her for help screaming about her husband Wilbur who seems to be trapped in the burning house.

She tells you her name is Margret and asks you to rescue her husband who’s still inside the flaming house. upon further inspection you find the house is completely engulfed in flames with almost no way in.


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